Tania provides the highest quality Brazilian hair removal service in a clean and welcoming environment. She is experienced, professional and British.

Tania uses the ancient art of sugaring for gentle, safe and effective hair removal. She cares passionately about providing the most comfortable service possible.With over twelve years in the spa industry she has honed her technique. Her dedication to her art and attention to detail set her apart. She looks forward to meeting you.
Call to book your appointment today (605) 951 8500.

Business Hours:   Mon-Fri  9am – 5pm
evening and Sat appointments available on request
Tania specializes in Brazilian and Bikini services, however other areas are available on request.

Sugaring has been around for a long time as a hair removal technique, probably a couple of thousand years. It is relatively new to western spas and once you’ve tried it you’ll not want to go back to wax. The sugar paste is completely natural and consists of only three ingredients; sugar, water and lemon juice. There are no sticks or strips used in the process and no possibility of burning or lifting skin. Sugaring removes hair in the direction of growth and reduces irritation, redness and discomfort.
Please, call or email me if you have any concerns prior to your first appointment. The sugar pot is always on.